The ultimate goal of our project, Bringing The Sacred Back, is to unite mankind through the process of unification of all indigenous ceremonies. The indigenous being from Canada down to the tip of South America. To bring about the traditional teachings of the natural laws of the universe. These are the main teachings that mankind left behind. Through this process, we hope to bring change, we hope to bring love, we hope to bring understanding, we hope to bring respect between all nations. Many, many elders of all the indigenous carry the knowledge that the world is looking for today. They preserved all the ancient teachings and kept from losing them and being destroyed under the persecution from other nations. Today we are fortunate to be given a chance to finally bring this effort into one place, the sacred Black Hills to the "Heart of everything that is." We say thank you to all friends who have the good hearts, who want to help and assist for this vision to become real.  Always in love and prayer, we say pidamaya, thank you,
- Chief Black Spotted Horse


  • To return land to Native American Management and use 140 years after it was illegally taken.
  • Aquiring land of unique, plentiful resources for year-round quality water, rich in trees and wildlife, level land suitable for tee pees and tents, remote from development.
  • Land for unrestricted ceremonial and traditional use, education of cultural lifeways with adults and youth for preserving cultural teachings, knowledge, and preservation from development.
  • Establish a place open to all people, for learning the indigenous teachings that will help to bring individuals, families, and communities back to the guidance that is needed today.




Izzy Zephier, Chief Black Spotted Horse, a Dacotah/Lakota, has traveled on the Pow Wow trail with Red Tail Singers across the U.S., he has also traveled in Europe. He is descended from Black Elk (of “Black Elk Speaks”) and Chief Iron Wing, who rode with Crazy Horse, one of the greatest Lakota warriors. Izzy works with spiritual leaders from around the world and those looking for guidance.
Izzy began his spiritual path in 1967; many extraordinary experiences have guided him to find his destiny. As a spiritual leader he has led many ceremonies, including sweat lodge which is used for purification. Izzy ran Sun Dance at Green Grass, South Dakota, a powerful tradition for finding one’s purpose. Izzy has gained many powerful lessons and shares these stories with his audience.


Teachings on the Spiritual Path

Izzy teaches about The Three Roads in life, and the time when he had no choice but to choose the “Good Road,” starting his spiritual journey literally from the bottom. Izzy’s spiritual journey is the traditional Lakota way of life. His stories, teachings, experiences and knowledge come from his commitment to live according to how our Creator has guided us to live. As we call the Original Instruction.
He says, “The whole point of this is to share some very important things that will help you during these changing times on Mother Earth.” The Lakota spiritual teachings and the Original Instruction explain why our Star Nation Relatives have been visiting us, that they have a special pur- pose today. Izzy shares many of his own spiritual experiences as an example of the path that awaits all of us - if we would embark on the spiritual journey. For decades, Izzy has shared the urgency of making that change of life, choosing that inner spiritual journey; warning us to start learning and be prepared for difficult times that lay ahead.

We are Bringing the Sacred Back

This is my vision. Bringing the Sacred Back to sanctify the land for all people to return there to pray.  This has been my vision for over 40 years, I am trying to accomplish what Wakan Tanka, Great Spirit told me to do during my vision quest, hanbleciya.  Visions are very, very sacred and you have to do it.


iron wing 1879 sicangu

iron wing 1879 sicangu

spotted tails delegation iron  (wing 2nd left)

spotted tails delegation iron  (wing 2nd left)

spotted tail and iron wing   1880

spotted tail and iron wing   1880

Izzy is a descendant of Chief Iron Wing (Izzy's grandfather) and Black Elk.  Chief Iron Wing rode with Crazy Horse as his right hand man. Chief Iron Wing is Izzy's grandfather on his mother's side.

Crazy horse's vision

Crazy Horse’s vision pertains to the prophecy for the unity of mankind. Bringing the Sacred Back will initiate the process of our ultimate goal to unite mankind.




Bringing the Sacred Back to the Black Hills, Paha Sapa, Inc.
Non-pro t tax deductible status 501(c)(3) through Tribal Trust Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA

Bringing the Sacred Back Board of Directors:

Izzy Zephier, CEO, Yankton Sioux Tribe Jim Robideau, Rosebud Sioux Tribe Wendell Yellow Bull, Oglala Sioux Tribe
Vincent Black Feather, Oglala Sioux Tribe D.Z. Iron Wing, Yankton Sioux Tribe