The Prophecies

Today, we are literally walking with the prophecies...

About 50 years ago, the tunkasilas (grandfathers) told us in a ceremony, they said the only time now that we have left, is time to prepare. Prepare for the future that’s coming. And they also said the prophecies are your survival. So today, we are literally walking with the prophecies, and planning to bring all the teachings into one place. Because it is now time to share this knowledge with the world. And to bring about the unity of mankind. With hopes to help everyone prepare by learning what has to be done to be ready for all the changes that are coming. Those of us that were shown, are now being told to bring this knowledge out for the world. These teachers for most of them, will be the first time for them to step outside from their place of being. But it is up to the world, it is up to the people, to help bring about this gathering. A gathering of knowledge, from the spirit, the tunkasilas (grandfathers), all the ancestors, and the wicapi oyate (star nation). Hece tu welo. Pilamaya, Thank You, Chief Black Spotted Horse.


Crazy Horse Mountain, Black Hills


By “Reclaiming” land, Bringing the Sacred Back will initiate the process of our ultimate goal to unite mankind.